Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Real Italy

                           Busting stereotypes!  

Those romantic views, created by Hollywood and the media, the red and white checkered table cloths, the romantic accordion player in the piazza, the huge pile of sauce on spaghetti, the heavy use of wine at gatherings, all are illusions that now litter the  floor of my reality. They are busted like a frozen 45rpm dropped from a 20 story building,   If you are old enough to know what a 45 was.
My new reality is where this blog will be, through my life in a small village near Venice.  This blog will be about the Italians I know, how they think, how they live, eat, travel, see and celebrate their life in our world.  


Dee Stitcher said...

What... It's not true??? Awwwww.... I look forward to seeing the real Italy one day?? 😊

What Fills My Plate said...

You will see the old and the new. Some things never change and when you get back home you will appreciate your own world more.