Friday, July 15, 2016

Helping a Friend

Are you looking for housing in Italy?   Do you dream of a home with all the romantic features of Italy?  Many people search expat blogs to find answers to all the “how to” problems of moving to Italy, obtaining a visa, how much to plan for costs of electricity, gas, sewer, taxes, water and the other usual considerations one must overcome in a move.  I am a member of and several other blogs of this type and I receive questions quite often from people all over the world.   My posting this week is to help a friend who has a very nice condo for sale right in the middle of Italy.  It comes completely furnished, furniture, stove, fridge, heater, etc.  This is a big help for foreigners as they don't realize that condos are usually sold completely gutted.  Just the bare walls, what you see is what you get.

My friend is moving to Malta.  She is putting her condo in Italy up for sale.  I have written in previous blogs about how Italians sell their houses  completely empty, no heater, stove, refrigerator, etc.  You get just the bare walls.  So when you move into your new digs, you have to go shopping for everything, then find workers qualified to put them in  correctly (hooking gas stove, heat, etc.), all of which shrinks your bank  account!  The good thing about this condo is that it will come fully furnished, stove, heat, couch, and so on.  I have seen this home and it is quite nice, and well kept.  It has a large terrace in a quiet setting and ample parking.

Now for the best part:  78,000 Euros total cost.  That is about 85,000 dollars, a steal!  A  steal in comparison to a home in America and a steal in a home in Italy!  
Ready to move in 
Today I walked by my village real estate office and compared prices.  They were all higher than the price of this condo.   This place is a steal!  (I don't get anything for blogging this)
I know that there are people who dream of living in Italy, but the price of moving is just too great.  Shopping for all the things to make a condo liveable can be a nightmare!  This is your chance to live your dream.  You just don’t see places furnished and set up like this.   Read my previous blog on real estate.

Here is an  additional thought:  your visa will allow you to live 3 months in Italy, 4 times a year.  You could rent it to travellers the other months.  Many people do this.  

If you know someone who might be interested, go to this link:

For retired folks, you could be here during the best months of the year, and travel around at your leisure, returning home during good weather months.

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