Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Politics 101

Through the internet, people have been able to see more clearly the corruption in American politics.  Whistle blowers have given us access to behind the stage workings of people in power.  I feel as if I have been cheated out of what should be.  Democracy is losing.

I am lucky to have readers from many countries, France, Italy, Russia, Canada, Great Britain, United States, Colombia, Japan, and Turkey.  To you I want to say I am ashamed of my country.   In these past months It feels as if we have been enrolled in Politics 101.  

I voted through my home state

Taking notes in Politics 101…..
Debate moderators asked softball questions.  For example, the NSA was never mentioned.  
CNN received debate questions to ask Trump from the DNC as revealed in recent  found emails.
Democratic National Committee, from the very beginning,  worked against Bernie Sanders as revealed in the missing emails now found.
The Department of Justice is favorable to Hillary.
The head of the FBI has disgraced his bureau.
The media clearly ignored Bernie Sanders, then later ignored Jill Stein.  
If Bernie would have been given equal coverage, I believe Hillary would not be the candidate chosen.
The media covered Trump far more than any other candidates.  Even when they admitted they were guilty, then did not change.
The American public does not seem to realize that newscasters are multi-millionares and for the most part are told what to cover and what to say.
Big money, the 1%,  controls our government.  
Hillary is sponsored by big money.  She refused to publish her speeches to bankers.
Bernie Sanders had far larger crowds, filling football stadiums, but this was hardly mentioned by the national media.   
Hillary’s crowds were never shown as they were much smaller and a lot less enthusiastic. 
Arizona has a very corrupt voting system that gives only lip service to the public as evidenced in the hearings, post election.
Los Angeles has a corrupt voting system with lost and missing ballots.
Florida has a corrupt voting system, leaving items to be voted on off the mailed out ballots.
Voting machines are corruptible and are owned by a democratic supporter to Hillary.
Hillary’s calling the common people a bucket of losers, or deplorables is ignored by people.  
Thousands of New York area voters in the primary were purged from the rolls.
The Clinton foundation is funded by rich people who buy access to Hillary.
Very little of the foundation money ever reaches the people who need it.
Clinton basically ignored the the pipeline issue and did not visit the site in support of  clean water and Native Americans and their burial site.
Tanks, heavy weapons, police in riot gear with biting dogs against unarmed protesters is not acceptable.  
Obama blew off the protest of the pipeline.  “Letting it play out means”, allow it to continue.   He disgracefully chose not to be involved.
Guantanamo still exists, a promise broken by Obama.
We have troops in Afghanistan, another promise broken by Obama.
Hillary made it possible for funding to ISIS to have weapons to fight Syria.
We are sending more troops to Syria.
We have learned nothing from the Vietnam war.
Every major decision by Hillary has turned out to be a major mistake.
Hillary could have sent help to our Ambassador in Benghazi, but waited for hours and he was killed along with others on site.

A Lincoln Moment
In a major Football stadium filled with supporters a sparrow landed on Bernie Sanders podium and was declared a symbol for peace.   If you have not seen this, go YouTube.  

No matter what country we live in, we must all speak out and fight against corruption, war and people in power who do not care about the common people.   The next four years, no matter who wins the election, will be very difficult.    

We must continue to strive to stay informed.  We have been schooled and know we must stand up for democracy.   

Peace to you all.

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