Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Markets This Year

A Short Question Remains to Be Answered

Christmas Market Time

                                         But first a few short words.....

Once in awhile there is a huge amount of readers of this blog from Russia.  Today I had 44 readers and the day isn’t over.  This makes me curious, of course.  Are there people wanting to know about Italian life?  Maybe it was the title, Dave the Mad Bomber.  I once received a huge amount of Russian readers when I wrote a title which had the word Putin in it.  

Nuremburg Christmas Market
More Crowded at Night
Maybe I will never know the answer, but I am hoping  that some of them will take the time to make a comment at the bottom of the blog post.  I also would like to know a little about my two faithful French readers.  So, I am coaxing you to take a few minutes and write something.
Santa Claus, Bavaria Style

Smells Like A Carnival
Nothing like Onions and Brats
Meanwhile I will mention that we are just returning from the Nuremberg Christmas Market.  It was billed as huge, and it was massive.  There were lots of food stalls, and decorations galore.  It is so large that it takes hours to see it all.  

Mr. Cookie 
Candles, craft items, and decorations for the tree were in many stalls.  There was an area for children with rides, and area for crafts, and the whole market was spread out over the old center.  

None of the American Fake Cheese Product Here
Bamburg Market
We also went to Bamburg and walked through their market.  Prices were a lot less in Bamburg, and we brought home some great cheese and sausage items.  Blood Sausage was available with many other types that Germans love.  The beautifully preserved town  is walkable and after the river bridge you find many  beer restaurants that feature a regional favorite, smokey beer. 

The week previous we drove up to Slovenia  and enjoyed a nice time in Ljubljana.  Of all the European Christmas Markets we have visited, this one gets an  A Plus for best lighting.  They went all out, and with the lighted castle above the whole thing was magnificent.  There were less vendors here, but the city has a wonderful market which one must not miss.  

Padova has a small market with vendors lining the pedestrian street near the main market.  This seems to grow as the 25th nears and they celebrate the holiday by burning an effigy of a witch over a mountain of scrap wood.  This makes for a cold night, and I have to admit we have only taken this in one time.  

Not A Lot of Snow on the Alps
climate change?

I am getting some comments…..Thanks, now I know the comment area is working.
This blog post will only be up for a few days.

Merry Christmas.


QuietMind Stitcher said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Dave. Enjoy your cheese. Love to O. Mary and Andy xxx

Albert said...

Hi, boss! I am the one of these 44 Russians here, and I am here not because of 'Dave the Mad Bomber'! :-)

Holly said...

Mark and I went to the Nuremberg and Bamburg Christmas market every year! What memories those pix bring back. Thank you.