Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hot Summer Review

Hot and Muggy, that is what we are experiencing right now here outside of Venice.  Venice, with all that water will be worse.  What I need right now is a nice cold frappe’, and a nice rain shower after.

Monselice Castle
Here’s a shot of our American cowboy burger restaurant, if you look behind it, you will see a castle on top of the hill above Monselice, a small town south of Padova.  You can see the grass is brown from lack of water.  Another lack of, is the ketchup we asked for.  
Cheap Burger Joint!
We both had fries and they brought us three packs of ketchup.  This was after I asked for molto ketchup…..a lot.  Served for a laugh from us.  They charge for each package, learning from McDonalds on this.

Open on Weekends
Another castle near Monselice and viewable from our home is this one.  Built much later by a man who was famous as a soldier for hire.  Behind this castle is the ruined building where they stored tobacco from their farm and made cigars, etc.  This is a paintable castle as it is in pretty good shape and set near a canal with a bridge.

There is another smaller castle west of our home which is famous for its land being an airport for planes in WWI and WWII.  There is a museum in side and a fancy restaurant with high prices.  We have never eaten there, so I cannot testify to the food.  I notice that they host a lot of wedding dinners, etc.  Sounds like we are surrounded by castles, which is kind of true.  We also have a famous house in the hills where the famous poet Petrarch lived.  I like going up there because of the super enoteca featuring some awesome wines grown from the volcanic soil of the  hills.  They have a terrace overlooking the valley below and Padova beyond, and we can sit and have an appetizer of local salami, cheeses and bread with our vino.

Soon we will drive to Austria for a few days and the temperature will drop from near 100 to mid 60’s.  That will be so nice.  Plus we are going to a beer hotel where they make many types of beer.  Austria is so different from Italy, it feels like a theme park to me, so clean and kept perfect.  

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For my web cam friends, this is one that features the view across the big canal towards the church where you can go up in the elevator for a terrific view of all the islands of Venice.  Today the color of the sky is a yellow green from the humidity, I hope the rain will clear it later.  Go view:


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