Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4

It is more difficult to celebrate July 4 here in Italy.  We still make an attempt by having American food, this year is burger night.  I am thinking of making a cake from my mother's old American cookbook.  However, there will be no picnic with a blanket on the grass, games, lots of chat and fireworks at the end.  That is missed!

The town of Moraga puts on a big fireworks display, fireworks purchased through donations by the town's people.  The town of Fountain Valley had a nice shoot out one year, and the biggest one I have witnessed in person was at Vancouver, Oregon in 1976.   It took them a whole day to set up.  In 2000 we watched on television each region's biggest, Boston with its orchestra, Chicago, Denver and then San Francisco.  We could catch one of those this year, but it would be something like 4:00 am here (the next day).

America is struggling to find progress, to find a new way.  I have faith that people will speak up and make a difference.  If you are not American, don't give up on us.
I wish you all a happy day.
My state's flag, Colorado


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