Thursday, June 21, 2018

Fooling Europeans For A Profit

The search continues! 

I had high hopes that this new product in my large super market would be the real thing.  We tried, we tasted, it failed. 
Doing further research we found that this product was not a real corn tortilla based product even though you can see the title "Corn Tortilla".  They used 34 % wheat flour.  The result of this is that they do not cook well, you cannot fry them to make soft tacos as the edges burn.  They do not even come close to tasting nor smelling like the real thing.  You begin to wonder about these food companies.    more below..

Why is it so hard to get a product that is the real thing here in Europe?  These companies change the composition way too much.  An example are the many different brands of salza offered in markets.   All of them contain way too much sugar and no "heat".   Yet they are labeled as the real thing found in Mexico or Texas.  I never add sugar when I make my own.  It's all about the chili flavor.

I keep joking with my Italian friends about them opening a small factory which would make corn tortillas. I think they would make a killing on this.  Masa flour is available here in northern Italy.  It is made near Padova.  This is what you use to make corn tortillas, so all my pals would need is a tortilla cutting machine.  There are enough Mexican food restaurants in Italy that would keep them busy, and when people here taste the real thing--watch out!

If Starbucks can move in, surely a tortilla factory has a good chance.

In the meantime, I suggest to you readers to NOT buy this product, find some masa flour, watch a youtube video on making corn tortillas at home, and proceed.

Shown here is the description of ingredients and their silly instructions of sprinkling water and then using a microwave to cook.  You also cannot make enchiladas like this!  OMG, what must they be thinking in Belgium in that factory?


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